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Each state has a goalball programme from beginner to state representative levels.  Please contact your state organisation to get involved.

Athletes must participate in the annual Australian National Goalball Championships to be considered for selection in the youth or national teams. 

Australian women – Aussie Belles 

The Australia women's national goalball team is now preparing to compete at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in August 2021.  Our team has been announced!  Jennifer Blow (Vic), Meica Horsburgh (Qld), Raissa Martin (Qld), Amy Ridley (NSW), Brodie Smith (NSW), Tyan Taylor (NSW), and Peter Corr (coach; Vic) with Simon Smith (assistant coach; NSW)! 

Photograph of the 2021 team during a June training camp in Brisbane.  (And thinking of coach Peter Corr and team member Jenny Blow in Melbourne lock-down.)  Raissa, Amy, Tyan, Brodie, Meica, training support of Jon, Michael and Nic, and Simon. 

Ausrtalian women's training camp, Brisbane.  20 June 2021.  Athletes, coach, and training supporters.

Photograph of the 2018 team of coaches Peter Corr and Simon Smith, and athletes of
Jenny Blow (#1), Meica Horsburgh, Alison Jones, Brodie Smith, and Tyan Taylor (#2). 

The Aussie Belles has had all high performance funding conclude, and is in a tough position financially as the team focuses on preparation and continues to capitalise on recent significant improvements as they strive for the goal of a medal at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Get behind these incredible athletes and support them in any way you can.

Check out the team on Facebook.  The Belles' competitive history is on Wikipedia

Australian men – Aussie Storm

The Australia men's national goalball team is about to rebuild in a post-COVID environment. 

Photograph of the 2018 team of
Sam Byrne (#6), Jon Horsburgh (#5), Daniel Morrish (#8), Ben Rowe (#4), Micheal Sheppard (#3), and Thanh Tu (#1). 

After the recent 2019 Regional Championships saw two of our long time greats, Micheal Sheppard and Ben Rowe retire.  Goalball Australia and support staff are looking to boost the Aussie Storm program through investing more time into a development squad allowing transitional players to travel to more international events and provide the squad with the playing experience required to not just compete internationally at major regional qualifying events, but to actually test new players and establish coaching plans which can develop the playing skills needed as this group now rebuild with their sites set on Paris 2024 and beyond.

Check out the team on Facebook.  The Storm's competitive history is on Wikipedia


Youth teams

Australia has a youth boys and youth girls team, as feeders into the national teams.  The youth teams can be followed on Facebook.

Congratulations to our athletes who represented Australia at the  2019 IBSA Youth Goalball World Championships in Penrith, Sydney, NSW, from 5–9 August 2019. 

Photographs of 2019 youth boys,
Thien Autran, Darren Coyle, Isaiah Muller, Tyson O'Neill, Callum Saunders, and Ethan Scaturchio. 

Photographs of 2019 youth girls,
Alice Kingston, Makayla Reilly, Amy Ridley, Molly Smith, Alana Tiller, and Genevieve Weston.